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221g medical exam form

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  • 221g medical exam form

    Hi All

    I am FTE for a large manufacturing company since 10 yrs. Went to H1b stamping multiple times, never in my life had a 221g or any query.
    Never had a RFE during extension.
    Nov 18 - Submitted docs via Dropbox
    Nov 19 - case created
    Nov 20 - Admin processing
    Nov 22- Passport ready for pickup, asked to attend interview in 221g white slip
    Nov 25 - Attended interview
    Only one question,: You mentioned as having Hep B, what about it
    Reply - I am a carrier, not infectious no treatment required , being monitored by US doctor
    I always mentioned this in my DS160 but never asked about it until this time, this is my 6th stamping with same employer, same job, same location(Hyderabad)

    She gave me a yellow form and asked to get a medical exam. Returned passport.
    DId any one else have similar experience. Is this a ground for inadmissibility?