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Passport expiry and h1b stamping

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  • Passport expiry and h1b stamping

    My Indian passport is expiring on July 20 2020.

    I scheduled a H1B appointment and stamping on Jan 13 2020.

    Initially, I was thinking of travelling to India, completing the H1B interview, returning to the US and then getting my passport renewed. I'm worried that I may have difficulty entering into the US with an Indian passport that is about to expire. Does anyone have experience with this? Additionally will there be any problems with the h1b stamping because my passport is going to expire?

    Should I get the passport renewed in the US before leaving to India in January? I am also worried about timelines. I've heard that CKGS takes extra time during the holiday season to process renewals. If CKGS delays my passport renewal, I would be stranded without a passport and will have no way to go to India.

    What do you folks advise?
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    You may not have problems getting the visa stamped. However, when you enter the US, you will be admitted on your I-94 to no later than when the passport expires. So it may be a good idea to get a new passport before you re-enter the US, or you would have to either have the company apply for Extension of Status in the US, or leave and re-enter the US again after you get a new passport.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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      I think I will get it renewed in India before I return to the US. Thank you for the response!