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Converting B1 to H1

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  • Converting B1 to H1


    Currently i am holding B1 VISA and i am in USA on business visit came through some "X" company in India,I have H1B approved in september 2008 and it is valid till Spet 2011 ,but it is not yet stamped.This H1 B is applied by some" Y "company in USA .
    1. Now Can i change my status from B1 to H1 and stay in USA till sept 2011? or Do i need to submit anydocuments for extending my I94? My I94 is on B1 and it is valid till June 20th.
    2. Instead of going and attending H1 B stamping ,Can i attend my H1 B stamping in Mexico or Canada and stay in US?

    Please help me.

    Thanks in Advancd for your time.

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    You need to go out of US and get your h1 stamped and then come back.
    You can go for canada/maxico but the only risk is query.
    So, it is advisable to get the first time visa stamped in home country, as the query can take more than expected time and you can expect the query result to the location where you went for stamping. So, advisable to get it done from home country.
    [Note:- I am sharing my views, contact your attorney for the best advice]