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H1b transfer after previous H1b expired

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  • H1b transfer after previous H1b expired


    I was on F1 CPT and left to India on Feb 04th 2019, and my H1B is approved from Feb 11th 2019 to Feb 28th 2019 (for 17 days) after I'm out of country. I got my H1B approved with Consular processing and I did not attend the consular processing.

    I came back to the US on H4 visa in July 2019. I want to switch back to H1 and work again,

    My question is
    1. Because my H1b was once approved, can I use this to Transfer to another employer ?
    2. Is my H1B not valid, as I returned to US on H4 visa, and if I need H1, I need to apply via H1B quota in April 2020 ?

    Any other do I have ? Any answers are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance