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First H1B interview

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  • First H1B interview

    Hi All, Any idea how many days it will take, status still shows administrative processing.

    F1 to H1

    Dec 18 finger prints completed
    Dec 23 Interview
    VO: is this your first H1 ?
    Me: yes
    VO: who is your petinor ?
    VO: where do you work ?
    Me: Said
    VO:Are you out of status while you are in US ?
    Me :No
    Vo: Annual income ?
    Me: Said
    Vo: who is your cilent ?
    Vo:Job title?
    Me: said

    She typed some thing in the computer and asked me to submit the LCA and project description and taken my passport refused with 221g white slip small one

    Dec 27 :got an email from embassy to collect the passport

    Dec 30 : collected passport No stamping was done

    got a call from embassy to submit for the LCA and cilent letter for additional administrate processing
    Dec 30 mailed them the documents.

    no update till now , Any idea how many days it will take?