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Visa interview after 10 years of stay in USA

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  • Visa interview after 10 years of stay in USA

    Hello Folks,

    I came to US on H4 visa and had my visa status changed to H1. I never went back to india after that. Its been 10 years.

    Will i have any problem in visa interview for not coming to india for such long time? I had 3 employers in the mean time and my current employment is in EVC model.

    Please let me know, i am afraid of it.

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    Don’t travel unless you absolutely have to. I was under pretty similar senario and the vo was upset as to why I did not come back to India to get a different category visa and instead chose to do a change of status onshore in the USA. Passport is with embassy and status is administrative processing, my advise DONT travel unless you have to.