Hello Experts

This is my first post here so please bear with me for any mistakes or if this has been answered already.

My H1 was denied on Jan-2 2020 and I left the US on Jan-11-2020. My max out was Mar-31-2021. My company had not initiated the PERM process. Once back to India I started a CAP exempt H1 internal process but my company has a restriction (I did not see any from the USCIS) that they need 2 years left in the H1 in order to file a CAP exempt petition to recapture the unused time (1 year and about 3 months).

1. What would be my best option now. Is it to wait until 2021 filing that is subject to CAP.?

2. Will I never be able to utilize the unused time in the current H1?

3. Can I file a new H1 subject to 2020 CAP with a delayed start date of Jan 2021?