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Change DS-160 after scheduling interview

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  • Change DS-160 after scheduling interview

    Hi, I am on H-1B and I work remotely for my company from my home. I have booked an appointment at US Embassy in Toronto for visa stamping (this would be my second H-1B stamp).

    I was reviewing my DS-160 application today and I realized that I have entered my company's HQ address under 'Primary Occupation' details.

    My question is - do I need to fill out a new DS-160 and change this to my home address (which is also on my LCA)?

    One other thing to mention is that the visa interview scheduling website is not letting me change the DS-160 number. What should I be doing in this case?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: Under 'Temporary Work Visa Information' section, I have entered my home address as the address of my employment (which is correct).

    Do addresses in both the sections need to match?

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    Found an answer in one of the posts on a different forum, looks like I can put my employer / petitioner address in the first section. The address should match the one mentioned on I-129 (which in my case matches). Curios though, if others have different thoughts.


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      Update: I emailed Toronto Consulate ([email protected]), and they are kind enough to change the DS-160 confirmation number in the backend. I am filling out a new DS-160 and getting the confirmation number updated from them.