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H4 to H1: need help

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  • H4 to H1: need help

    Hi all,

    I recently changed my visa from h4 to h1. Now it's been close to 3 months and I am trying to find a job (my employer is not doing much on this). My concerns are, now I have been on H1 for 3 months without job,
    1. Am I violating the immegration law?
    2. Will I get w2 form?
    3. If I continue to be jobless for more time, will it affect during the greencard change of status (my husband has filed for green card)?
    4. Is there anything I should do to maintain the legality of H1 until I get a job (I heard many doing a dummy payroll from employer, not really sure though!!)?

    Any info will be greately appreciated.