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Visa interviews cancelled due to Covid 19 - Dropbox situation

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  • Visa interviews cancelled due to Covid 19 - Dropbox situation

    I had submitted my passport for visa stamping via dropbox on March 6th. I received my passport back from the consulate on friday(03/13) and I have been asked to appear for an interview at the consulate. I was going to go for the same tomorrow, but I heard news saying that all visa appointments at the consulate are cancelled. I did not receive any email or sms notification about the same. Since the website says they are not processing immigrant 221g’s. Mine is a nonimmigrant 221g. Does this mean that I can still appear for the interview? Looking for some help regarding this issue.


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    If they open for interviews then you should be able to appear for one. Not sure if they will email all applicants since they expect all applicants to keep monitoring the ustraveldocs.com website.


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      I am in the same boat. Was about to attend 221g walk-in interview appointment but looks like all appointments stands cancelled. Please kindly post any updates regarding 221g walkin-in's on when they resume accepting interviews again.


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        dkmdkm29 Do you have any updates about the situation? I called up the embassy and they said to wait. Since I am almost done with my leaves and have to return back to the US and resume my job, do you know if there are any possibilities of getting an interview?
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          I came to india due to family emergency and I am eligible for Drop box visa renewal but services are suspended. My Family is in US and I have a small Son who is US citizen, Am I eligible for Emergency visa appoitment? Please suggest.