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  • H1b


    I am working with a contracting company that contracts me with school districts. I am currently on H1B visa. I have filed for GC and have my EAD Card. But am not using the EAD at this point and continue to be on H1. My priority date on EB 2 is March 2010 from India.

    Here is my question: Because of the Cornoavirus situation, all the schools are temporarily closed for a month where I am. My schools don’t have online classes. My company is not willing to pay us because well we are not working during this time. Now, Can I file for unemployment benefits for this period? Would that affect my H1 status or my GC application later on?

    Really hoping to hear from you all. Over the years, I have gotten valuable insights on this webpage on so many topics. This is my first time posting a question here.

    Thank You for taking the time to read this.