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Experience letter for H1B petition filing

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  • Experience letter for H1B petition filing


    I did my B.E in a field partially associated with my 6+ year career. After my B.E (back in 2006) I worked in a company not relevant to my current profession. After an year of working, I quit the company and joined a Research Institute where I worked on projects relevant to my current profession for 2 years before pursuing my M.S in US in relevant field I was paid monthly salary by the department and I was not given any payslip. I have a letter from my Professor stating that I worked in the Institute for 2 years from XXX to YYY.

    Can I consider these two years as part of my overall experience, given that I possess experience letter?

    Any chances of potential RFE/Denial in this case?


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    I believe you can use your experience letter. There are no specific requirements regarding your past experience. So far in most cases, USCIS only requested for experience letter only. They never ask for Pay Slips from an old employment.