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Urgent Need about H1B visa put on hold

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  • Urgent Need about H1B visa put on hold

    Hello friends

    I went to interview for H1B visa stamping in mumbai and they told me that they are going to hold my application for 3-5 weeks. there is some clearence issue. I am hardware engineer working in cleveland.
    Is there any one who has faced the similar kind of problem.? Can any one help and let me know what can be done in this matter, as they told that they will contact me with in 3-5 weeks. I was supposed to leave back for States in 2 weeks.
    I will appreciate if some one can help me. My email address is [email protected]
    Thank You

    Amit Dugar

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    Could be one of those administrative checks which they do in some specific cases.Pls read the expriences shared by amitg in one of the threads in this forum.