Hi All

I am looking for some guidance regarding my H1B visa extension and amendment amidst the current situation.

My I94(H1B) expired previous month(Mar'2020). I was able to file for an extension before the expiry and now I am in the 240 days period, awaiting new petition.
I have the LCA and petition receipt number(EACxxxxxxxxxx).

Due to this COVID-19 situation, my current project for which the extension was filed, was abruptly stopped at the end of Mar'2020. Still employed under the same employer,I was able to find a new project at a different location.
Now I am required to start a new process for amendment+extension for the new location, and the current extension must be cancelled. But the problem is if I cancel my current extension and since my I94 has expired, I will be deemed illegal to stay in US and should travel back immediately(or depending on the travel ban lift).

So I wish to understand if there is a certain way out where I need not travel back and would be able to file a new amendment+extension by replacing or revoking the already filed extension. Is there a certain exception for H1B visa holders, given the current COVID-19 situation?

Kindly help and guide.

Please let me know if more information is required.

Thanks n Regards