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    I am working in Company A and got L1B on 2007. I travelled to US using L1B on Feb 2008. I have applied H1B through Company B on Mar 2008 as L1 to H1 COS and it got approved and My status got changed to H1. But due to recession, I didn't quit from Company A, so, I continued work till mid of Dec 2008 and travelled back to India and working with Company A offshore. In India, I didn't get stamped for H1B. Then I travelled to US using L1B for Company A on Mar 2010. But still I have H1B approval. Now my L1B visa is getting expired on Sep 2010 and my company is asking me to apply for L1B extension. So, I am planning to apply L1B extension. Please clarify my following doubts,

    1. Shall I convert my status from L1 to H1 using the H1B petition approval of Company B without going to India?

    2. Shall I transfer H1B approval petition of Company B to Company C and apply for L1 to H1 COS and start working for Company C without going back to India?

    3. What are all the options available for use my H1 petition approval (2008) without going to India?

    4. If definitely I have to go back to India and get stamped means, Is it a right time to go for H1B stamping?

    Thanks in advance
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    Whatever you did for L1 company after CoS is illegal.

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes
    3. Options mentioned by you
    4. -NA-