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USCIS query for not joining H1 B employer

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  • USCIS query for not joining H1 B employer


    I applied H1 B in 2009 thorugh some consultant and it got approved. Currently i am working on L1 B visa because i didn't go for COS from L1 To H1 B. Since Jan 2010 H1 B employer was cool because of market but now he has been putting pressure on me to come on H1 B. His argument is that nowadays USCIS is very strict. If i didn't come to H1 B, then USCIS will inform my L1 B employer about H1 B petition and will ask me why aren't you on H1 B. Is it true or H1 B employer wants to scare me to join because if i am not on his payroll he won't get a single penny ?


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    Don't believe what they said.
    It's always your wish to accept offer from any employer any time for any reason.


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      There is nothing to worry till u have not completed COS

      Hi There,

      Your H1 filing company is not legit. There is no law that gives USCIS to provide ur L1b employer info about your H1b application. As long as you have not completed COS to H1 there is nothing anyone can do about it.

      Your H1 filing company is offering you a job. Unless you decide to accept it and complete COS nothing to worry about

      Once you are done with COS to H1, USCIS can do a random check at the client location to verify that you are working with them.... Client is the end client and not your H1 filing company


      This is not a legal advice