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i94 extension through cbp san francisco airport

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  • i94 extension through cbp san francisco airport

    My i94 is valid till mid this month because my passport was expirirng.Now my passport is renewed.Does anyone have experience in extending i94 through cbp in San Francisco airport or will I have to go through my employer for extension?(I have heard this takes a long time and this is new visa filing)

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    Hi Anu,

    thanks for posting this question and i will need to understand the same the as well. Can you please help understand when was your passport about to expire and how was it approved for passport renewal in indian embassy.

    Mine is expiring in July and getting standard response to wait for the shutdown to open and the shutdown is extended to May 31.

    Trying to understand when is Indian embassy accepting for emergency passport application approval and how much time it to took for you to get the passport renewed, whether in tatkal or regular etc.

    Please respond with this details which will help.

    Your passport expiry date.

    Is that renewed in emergency approval.

    when was this application approved.

    date of applying and date of receiving the approval.

    apologies i understand you are in more stress than mine to get I94 extended but if you can take few mins to help it is much appreciated.



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      Mine was expiring in Mid May and the Indian embassy was closed since March mid.They took mine in emergency and renewed it in 5 days including posting and getting the passport in post.I wamt to know how do I extend my i94 other than going through the employer(which is like a new visa)


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        Thanks for the inputs. Here is the link i found online which i was planning to use once my passport renewal is complete (if indian embassy agrees to do the emergency still waiting on answer)


        Hope the above helps you. good luck.

        suresh sukumar


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          There are 4 options here,u mean option 1-cross border?


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            CBP offices at the International Terminal / Airports will only correct I-94 if there was a mistake.
            Your I-94 was issued an expiry based on your passport date (it is usually the expiry date on 797 or passport, whichever occurs earlier). Therefore this is not correcting a mistake.

            Your best option is to go to a CBP office at the Mexico or Canada border. Don't cross. Just go inside the office and explain your case. In most cases they will oblige and issue a new I-94 (there is a small cost approx $6 ?)
            Some officers will ask you to leave and enter. In this case, you typically don't need a Canadian or Mexico visa as you only plan on doing a U turn (you can explain that to the Canada or MX Officer).
            Upon returning to the US border, they will send you back into the office and then issue a new I-94.

            Other options are:
            Leave the country by air before I-94 expires and re-enter
            File for I-94 extension within the US. This requires paperwork and takes a long time (6-12 months....maybe longer now due to the covid situation)
            Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.