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I94 extension after passport renewal

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  • R78
    CBP offices at the International Terminal / Airports will only correct I-94 if there was a mistake.
    Your I-94 was issued an expiry based on your passport date (it is usually the expiry date on 797 or passport, whichever occurs earlier). Therefore this is not correcting a mistake.

    Your best option is to go to a CBP office at the Mexico or Canada border. Don't cross. Just go inside the office and explain your case. In most cases they will oblige and issue a new I-94 (there is a small cost approx $6 ?)
    Some officers will ask you to leave and enter. In this case, you typically don't need a Canadian or Mexico visa as you only plan on doing a U turn (you can explain that to the Canada or MX Officer).
    Upon returning to the US border, they will send you back into the office and then issue a new I-94.

    Other options are:
    Leave the country by air before I-94 expires and re-enter
    File for I-94 extension within the US. This requires paperwork and takes a long time (6-12 months....maybe longer now due to the covid situation)

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  • rajanpanchal
    started a topic I94 extension after passport renewal

    I94 extension after passport renewal

    Has anybody renewed their I94 recently at airport /border after renewing the passport?