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H1B and B1 Both visa conflict

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  • H1B and B1 Both visa conflict

    I have one h1 case approved in Aug 2008 and not went for Visa interview and stamping till now due to various reason like recession.
    Now my h1 employer has given me paper to appear for H1B visa interview . Suddenly my existing company is asking me to go US for shorttrip(10days) on B1. I can't avoid my existing company's US short trip.
    1) Will my h1 case get cancelled once I tried B1?
    2) Can I try pending H1 visa interview if I will having B1?

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    1) No
    2) Yes

    H1 and B1 are both for different purpose. You can have both visas.


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      Let me reframe the my question

      I have an Aug 2008 approved H1 but did not go for visa interview due to recession in US.
      Now my H1 employer wants me to take the visa interview and wants me to come to US upon successful visa stamping and has sent me relevant papers. At the same time my existing Indian employer is wanting me to take a short trip of 10days to US on B1, which I am keen on taking. My confusion is:

      1) Should I try getting for H1 stamping before B1 or the other way?
      2) If I get my H1 visa stamping done first, will my H1 visa get cancelled when I also try getting B1 visa or vice versa?
      3) What is the best route to opt for in such case...any help will be appreciated!


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        1) Whatever
        2) No
        As already mentioned both are for different purpose.
        Don't understand what exactly is your problem.