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Stuck in INDIA for H1B stamping MS graduate, currently employed, valid I-797

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  • Stuck in INDIA for H1B stamping MS graduate, currently employed, valid I-797

    I had submitted my passport for H1b stamping on March 16th and I am still awaiting a response from the embassy. Eager to know the recent EO would have an impact on the stamping or travel to the US?

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    As long as your passport was submitted before the EO, i am assuming you should be OK. This is assuming that there are no other issues with your H1 paperwork.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      R78 Thank you


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        Not sure.

        Positive way to look at it: You applied for a visa before the Executive order, and the embassy may issue a visa.

        Not so Positive: An administrative processing is usually done externally on the DHS Side, and not at the embassy/consulate itself. When DHS is finished with it's side of admin processing, it sends it's decision to the embassy, who then issues a visa. Since the request to issue a visa came after the Executive order, the embassy might put a hold on your application

        Just my 2 cents.


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          I am already done with the administrative processing (221g issued) verification being conducted by DHS and being verified with my employer. I was asked to submit my passport just a week ahead of a nationwide lockdown in India on March 16th.
          Still, my hopes are alive but as you said, it has to be looked on either side.

          Thank you for the response.


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            How many months did it take for case action? Is it blue or white slip?