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H1b question !

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  • H1b question !

    I have a question regarding H1b. Right now I am working with one American Employer who is

    holding my H1. There is one more H1 that i have with Indian Employer and don't have payroll

    with that employer. My H1 is valid until Oct'2007 with both employers.I am planning to go

    to India for 6 weeks on Jan'15th and my employment contract ends on Jan'31st. I have an

    appointment with Consulate Officer in India on Jan'22nd.Here is my puzzle, If in case the

    American Employer will report to INS to cancel my H1 , then is it a problem to enter and

    stay in US after coming back from India. Because They(American Employer) have a policy to

    cancel H1 if anyone is not in Payroll for 2 weeks. If that is the case, Can i use other H1

    (Indian Employer). I never be payroll with Indian Employer.Is it possible to transfer with

    Indian Employer after coming back from india. If there is a problem to transfer H1 after

    coming back from india , then i would prefer to transfer now itself. Please provide answers

    to my questions.

    Thanks in advance.