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Travel on B1 while H1B is in process

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  • Travel on B1 while H1B is in process


    I have run into the following scenario. I am having an B1. My employer is working on processing H1-B for me. And H1-B petition has been filed for me. However, i have to travel for technical discussions and training and am using B1 for that. Would this create a conflict with the H1-B that's in the process. If so, what can be done. Please advice.

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    No issues at all.


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      Thanks for quick reply.

      Is there any documentation i can refer to. Cause the concerned department of employer felts there would be issues.


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        Anyone can have any number of valid petitions/visas.
        What visa you are traveling on is important. This is basic. No documentation required to prove that.

        If needed, get documentation from your employer for the issues they are referring to.


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          Yeah, Indeed it's true.
          But when i submitted the details for H1-B petition, there is place whether they were collecting details regarding my earlier travel to State. However, during that time am not aware of the travel.

          If i travel now, would that section gets updated automatically. If not, will there be a conflict in the details i provided then, and what's happening now?

          Thanks again.


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            No conflict, No issues.


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              Travel on B1 while H1B is under process


              My H1b was filed with USCIS on 20th April 2011, and i have plans to travel to US on B1 visa for 4 weeks. My company's immigration executives are saying that this might sabotage my b and h status, hence i am not allowed to travel.

              pls advice