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When is H1b Extension Due...Help!!

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  • When is H1b Extension Due...Help!!

    Hi all,

    Need help of your expertise here!
    I came to USA in Sept 2007 and got H1b visa from Sept 2007 - Sept 2010.
    The I797 petition and passport both say Validity till Sept 2010.
    In Sept 2008, I transferred my Visa to Company B. I got a new I797 till Sept 2011. The bottom portion of the petition (I94) says validity till Sept 2011.
    I have not been to India ever since I came to USA.

    My Question is that my 3 yrs on H1b expires in Sept 2010, however my petition (the one after transfer) is till Sept 2011.
    When Should I got for my H1b Extension. Does it have to be before Sept 2010 or can it after Sept 2010 and before Sept 2011.

    Please Advise!! Any things to take care of ?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    You are authorized to work until sept 2011. Extension of stay can be filed only 6 months in advance of the current status expiry (Expiry of I-94 that came with your H1B transfer).
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