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H1B visa social security number and visa extension

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  • H1B visa social security number and visa extension


    I recently came to US on H1B visa. I need to apply for SSN but the social security offices are not entertaining in-person services. I sent them my documents via mail but I received a call saying that this is your first time and we can not grant you SSN via mail. Due to Covid there in-person services are also not available.

    I have couple of questions:

    1- Can I apply for visa extension without SSN ?
    2- Can I open my bank account without SSN ?

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    1. Yes. Bu if you just came to the US on an H1, why are you seeking an extension ?
    You can also call the SSN hotline and request an in person appointment since yours is a critical case.

    2. Yes : Passport & I-94 will suffice. Some major banks require SSN as their standard policy but smaller / cooperative banks don't.
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