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  • Emergency Visa Appointment

    I am working in US and i am planning to visit India in August. I changed to a different employer after coming to US and my visa stamp (valid till oct 2010) on my passport is with a different employer. My current I-797's validity is till Mar 2011.

    My questions are:
    1. Do i have to go to the consulate for stamping as i have changed my employer? If not necessary, is there any risk if i go for stamping?

    2. Assuming that i have to go for stamping, Can i take an emergency appointment for my visa interview? I couldn't find any slots available at any of the consulates in the month of August. As i have only 3 weeks to stay in India, is my case eligible for emergency appointment?

    Please help me.


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    You do not have to get the visa since your previous visa is valid when you enter the US. But, it is better to get it since you can use it later whenever you wish to travel. Risk is if it get stuck in processing for lack of documents (possible for consultants).

    You can qualify for emergency appointments and August appointments will open in July.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.