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H1 Visa validity before travel and after stamping !!

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  • H1 Visa validity before travel and after stamping !!

    Hi All,

    I get VISA stamped (in FEB'20) essay writer first time but unfortunately am unable to travel till now due to COVID'19 pandemic. I am having some doubt's that need to clarify here, i.e
    1. ) When does the three year clock starts?
    - The start date on the petition or the day the visa is stamped or the day when one actually enters the US?

    2.) How long one can stay in home country after getting the visa stamped?

    Appreciate your response's here.

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    Only time spent in the US on H1 counts towards the 6 year limit.
    That being said, if your visa sticker expires, you cannot enter the US until you new a new stamp.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.