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H1B job change to a new city

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  • H1B job change to a new city


    I am currently working for company A in a Houston, Texas.

    I got a job in a company for company B in Seattle, Washington.

    Now, the company B has not required me to work from their office until the WFH due to pandemic ends.
    But their immigration department has notified me that, my current address is out of Seattle area and I need to move and update my address within 60 days of joining company B.

    I want to know what is the consequence of not doing so and if this is required doing in the middle of pandemic.

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    The immigration Dept. speaks of behalf of the employer.
    If the company specifically tells you to work remotely, then the offer letter should reflect that for now. This information is used for the filing for the prevailing wage in the area of work.
    Later, if you need to move, then they file for an updated LCA.

    If there ever is a worksite audit from USCIS and you are not working at the specified location, it could create a lot of issues.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.