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Stocks Investment and Trading on H1 and L1 visas

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  • Stocks Investment and Trading on H1 and L1 visas

    I have few questions on Stocks Investment and Trading when on H1 and L1 visa in US.
    1) Can we do Stocks Investment and stocks occasional Trading in US when on H1 and L1 visas?
    2) When moving back to India, can we choose not to sell the stocks invested in US and can we sell them at later point of time from India?
    3) How does taxation work when selling the US stocks at later point of time from India when H1/L1 visa is not active (off-course the SSN number will remain active)?
    I'll appreciate any help in this regard. Thanks!

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    You should know the proper investment tactics. And by investment, I don't mean trading. The last is more of gambling than a proper financial activity. All you need is reliable stocks from a reliable company and you'll get a stable life-long return of investment in dividends. For the specific numbers check the dividends calendar . It's all you need


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      Wait, so I can actually do both stock investment or trading, while on H1 or L1, as long as I am still working for the employer who has sponsored myvisa in order to maintain my visa?! It kind of both, has sense, and lacks sense . I was actually thinking about dropping my main job and start trading stocks and crypto. Mostly I am interested in crypto, as it is something different and more interesting. I have even called for the services of the best financial advisor in the area, Riseprivate.com have already planned all of my spendings D.
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        You can invest as well as trade while holding a valid visa .