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Travel back on h1b Visa after employment termination

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  • Travel back on h1b Visa after employment termination

    Hi All, Can you please help me on this?

    Initial 797 approved petition until Oct 2020.
    Passport submitted for visa stamping : Feb 2020
    In between I have approved 797 until Jan 2023 in consular processing
    Approved visa : Nov 2020.

    In between my employer terminated by my employment on October 2020 and now he is not willing to take me back into my position.

    Termination of employment: Oct 2020
    last pay slip generated : oct 10 2020
    Total experience on h1b in US : 5 years 8 months

    1)Can i travel back with current employer visa stamp and get 60 days grace period to find new job in USA?
    2) if answer "No" to question 1, can i travel with new employer receipt notice with out approve or need to wait to travel back until approved petition.