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H4 -I94 Expired but I797 Valid and US Visa VAlid

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  • H4 -I94 Expired but I797 Valid and US Visa VAlid

    We just realized that my wife ( she is on H4) I94 expired in July 2019( that is the expiry of her passport). Her I797 and Visa is available until 03/2021. She is in US now. I am working with Attorney.
    They gave 2 options. 1) Work with CBP and see if they can update. Attorneys are trying to contact different CBP Officers but they are not willing to update as its been more than an Year.
    2) File NPT Application.

    I need advice from you on below questions.

    1) What is the success rate of NPT application in this case. How long it might take.
    2) I heard its better we put a Hardship letter. I have 2 kids born in US, 8 and 5 year old going to school. So I am assuming we can put that in Hardship letter.

    Can you provide your feedback based on your experiences etc. Also, are there any other options that are out there?appvalley tutuapp tweakbox
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