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Experience of drop box application and documents required (H1B) Delhi /India

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  • Experience of drop box application and documents required (H1B) Delhi /India

    I have a dropbox appointment for H1B visa in New Delhi in January '21.
    I have the below questions:
    1. Apart from Passport, confirmation, photos, I797A copy which other docs did you submit?
    2. Is I797A photocopy sufficient or do we need to submit the original doc?
    3. Do we need to submit paystubs, resume, H1B LCA copy?
    4. What is the risk if someone on my behalf submits the packet?
    5. What is the process of submitting the packet on my behalf?
    6. What is the generic experience and how long it takes at the dropbox appointment?
    7. How long did it take for the VISA to be issued after the dropbox appointment?

    Appreciate your responses.
    Thank you.

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    The Dropbox is authorized to VFS global : https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/index.html
    You will need to carry all originals and copy of the documents. No resumes or LCA copies needed. Copy of 797 should suffice.
    VFS verifies copies of all documents by themselves with original you handover at their location. This will be returned there itself after verification.
    Only passport will be held back for sending to consulate

    Regarding a third party submitting the document is also acceptable, just ensure that they carry an authorization letter that you signed.

    I hope it helps

    Appreciate if you post the duration it took once you get the visa stamped. It helps the community to understand current time of processing,



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      Can anyone please tell the average duration (days or weeks) it takes to get the passport back after drop-off in Delhi, India?


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        Thank you for post.