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h1h4 travel/stampling Please Respond!Urgent

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  • h1h4 travel/stampling Please Respond!Urgent

    Urgent:H4-H1-H4, Travel and Stamping

    I was working on H1(Company A) ,transfered to (H1) company B. and
    revalidated with new H1.Both H1s are valid till 2006.Now I am working for company A.again.

    Meantime,My wife converted her H4(Company A) to H1(Company C).Her company was not able to find a project for her.So My wife wants to travel to India and come back in H4.

    My question is

    1.For my wife to get H4(Company A) stamped do I need to travel for my H1(Company A) stamped ?. OR My Approval 797 (Company A) is enough for her to get H4 stamped ?.
    Her H4 is valid till May 2006
    Her H1 is valid till July 2006.

    Please respond me as early as possible .That will greatly help me.

    Thanks in advance.