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221(g) and file submission restriction

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  • 221(g) and file submission restriction

    I have been interviewed on 4th March 2021 and VO provide me 221(g) green slip and asked me to provide information listed in 221(g) slip. The slip have many information i.e
    LCA, I-129, MSA & Contract, Itinerary service 2 more documents and Financial reports quarterly for 1 year.

    I got all these information but financial reports itself have 4 files which is quarterly. Online submission form only accepts 5 files while I have 11 files. I merged most of the documents into one and ended up into total 6 files I cannot reduce to 5 because file size must be less than 5MB.

    My question is the VO asked me to provide online which its impossible to provide all those information in one go so can I courier it ? Will take make any trouble for me I am asking because in 221(g) slip the link of online submission was marked circle by VO which I believe the guy is expecting the documents online.

    What is the alternative if I cannot send through courier?

    Any guys who have already been into this situation ? Help me out on this.