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H1B Visa stamping for the new employer

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  • H1B Visa stamping for the new employer

    I have H1B visa from employer A till Dec 08, 2021. I got my visa stamping in 2019. Later I switched to employer B. My Form I-797A with employer B expires on Oct 12, 2022. I am planning to go to India in July.

    My question:

    Do I have to get H1B stamping again? I read in some forum that I don’t need to get visa stamping again. But few said they had a similar situation but went to stamping. Do I need visa stamping or is it optional?

    Assuming I don’t need to get visa stamping, then this question comes: I am planning to come back on July 24. As I said, my visa expires on Dec 10. I have 5 months left on visa stamping. Is 5 months enough time for me to enter US or is there any criteria like I have to have 6 months or so left in the remaining visa dates.


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    Hello all:

    Can anyone please answer the above question?



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      You don't want to get visa stamping again if you have valid visa right now.. Until your current visa expires, you can travel with that. But, if you have a plan to go India and get visa stamping again, you can do with New Approval notice.. With that, it will extend beyond your current Visa Approval. And also, you will be eligible for Drop box facility.


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        Thank you.