Hello Guys ,

I need ur help for h1 & h4 visa related issue...

Me and my spouse were travelling through Chicago airport two weeks back from now , we faced unprecedented situation at immigration.

Officer asked us some basic questions about company & our stay in abroad, then he asked us to follow at CBP office. Few hours later he asked us to pass our cellphones and we gave them , later he found out some chat in my wife’s cell phone and that chat was about when she was talking to her friend few months ago while friend of her asking about her brother in law job , and she said he is doing job in engineering that’s what she replied and entire chat was in native languages and he did not understand neither user translator , later he called to me and asked me

question like where your wife were doing job etc... honestly she did not even do job for even single day and I asked him you guys can double check ... based upon that suspicious “job keyword” he kept asking Same question again and again like couple of hours , later he said you are lying and we know your culture etc.. so you have two options , either you can

Withdrew your visa ( which is called inadmissible entry , in this case we can re-apply for visa while we arrive in our country , FYI.. I-797 is still valid though ) or we can ban you for five years.. so I didn’t have any choice so I choose first option and they Sent us back in our country..

Not sure if anyone facing issue before but we need you help , working with company to get sort out. However just wanted to know what could be the best to deal with this kind of scenario..

Thanks for help..!!