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H4 Visa Denied. Need Help

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  • H4 Visa Denied. Need Help

    My Wife's H4 visa was valid till July 2020. H4 extension is filed on June 2020 but the decision came on April 1 2021 as Denied.

    But during the H4 extension pending I changed from company A to B and I have H1B approved from B and Company A withdrew the H1B. I applied again from company B H4 extension on Feb 2021 ( by that time H4 visa was expired).

    So currently I am with company B, my wife is having H4 Receipt notice from the company B extension which is filed in Feb 2021. So Can she continue to stay in the US till the H4 visa approval with the new receipt notice that she received.

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    Providing same Answer for the similar question that you have posted already.
    I dont really think so, your spouse can stay in the USA with second petition Receipt notice.. My concern is, your Initial H4 petition is denied. In this case, you will not have any status.. And also, you mentioned you filed second H4 petition, when her H4 got expired.. So, you can expect Denial on even second H4 petition.. Better, Please speak with your Immigration Attorney as soon as you can.