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  • H1 H4 new update

    Hi Guys,
    Me and my wife have scheduled for a visa appointment (drop-box) on 22nd April 2021.
    We could not find an appointment in chennai so we schedule it for New Delhi Location.We have few questions in regards to this.
    1. We have a newborn, with covid and everything we wanted to avoid traveling with our newborn. So we thought if it is ok for just one of us to go and drop off the documents for both of us? Is this feasible if yes, what are the things that i needed?
    2. Plus One more tricky situation is, My wife is visiting for H1B Stamping(Extension) and I am visiting for H4 Stamping(FIrst time). If one person can go, is it neccesary that person should be H1B candidate or it can be Me(H4 DEPENDENT)
    3. And the third very important question, As I am applying for first time H4(I had H1 from 2016 to 2020) I am not eligible for dropbox but since my spouse is going for H1 dropbox can I tag along with her for my dropbox or should I still appear for an interview?
    Appreciate your response. Thanks!