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Green Card for L2-EAD

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  • Green Card for L2-EAD

    Hi Guys,

    I've been working in US since last 6 Months and 'm on L2 - EAD. My spouse is with L1-Blanket and has been working in US since last 3 yrs. Recently he has got the extension of 2yr. So his Visa is good till Nov-12.

    I've following quick Q's -

    1 - If my employer process my green card then what would be impact on my spouse's visa. Will he be able to get his visa extension beyond Nov-12 if my
    is approved ?

    2- After my labor approval, Will I be getting the extension of my L2-EAD ?


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    Your GC process does not affect either you or your husband in L2/L1 status.

    It cannot give your husband L1 extension beyond 5 years limit, he will have to get H1 or have his own GC process.

    Your L2 EAD is based on his L1 status, once that expires or ends, you will yourself have to get your own H1 from the employer.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.