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VISA interview appointment-Family together- How?

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  • VISA interview appointment-Family together- How?

    Hi to all Forum member,

    I received approval for my H1b petition. Now, me and my dependents(Wife and Daughter) are preparing for H1/H4 stamping procedure at Mumbai consulate.

    I have one specific question regarding interview appointment. As I am principle H1 applicant, I have to face interview in English language but, My dependents does not know English. They know Gujarati language only.

    Now My question is that; How can I set interview appointment time together at the same time for us? Can I arrange interview appointment for me in English and then add dependent as family member/co worker option?

    If I set interview together in English language, What to do if Visa officer wants to ask questions to my dependents?

    I asked this question to VFS but there are mix reply from those people. If any body presently face interview in same category ,please advice me.

    Please provide the detailed information. I will really appreciate your help.

    Thanks and have a great day.
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    You can schedule the interview in the local language. It is not compulsary for you to take the interview in english. You can explain the same to the VO if asked. Sometimes the VO might ask some questions to the dependents and he/she might expect the dependent to answer it.
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