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DS 160 US contact information for H1 and H4

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  • rkk09
    Yes.. It will not create any problem.. You can provide your friends details as contact info for your spouse.. Some people are also giving H1B Employer contact information details for H4 visa applicants.

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  • Sirip
    started a topic DS 160 US contact information for H1 and H4

    DS 160 US contact information for H1 and H4

    Hi, I am applying for H1 (self) & H4 (Spouse) at the same appointment. I previously in the USA and return back to India. I am going back to the same employer in the same place & I have some friends still there.

    My question regarding the US Contact Information for my h1 ds-160 and spouse h4 ds-160.

    I entered my US Petitioner details for my h1 ds 16- US contact information. Can I enter my friend info for my spouse's H4 DS-160? Also, Is there any downside if H1 & H4 applicants have different addresses for the same appointment? Can I use my friend (prev coworker) info for my US Contact Information & Is there any downside about this?