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change of status of H-1B

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  • change of status of H-1B

    Hello dear Shervin , i'm now with H-1b visa with my family H-4 since Feb.2010, we are now inside the states ,We are starting change of status by our lawyer , processing times on the official site shows 4 months ,,, what is the real time needed, and my 2 sons ages now 21.5y and 23y are they included ,by the way we had approved i-140 pitition since Nov.2008 ,as we were in Jordan and our PD became current just last month,(Dec.30th 2003)
    we couldn't do the intervew for GC in US embassy in Jordan because we are here now in US.
    I DON'T KNOW if these questions should be put here in this section or not so excuse me,