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Urgent help plese - passport and certificate different name

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  • Urgent help plese - passport and certificate different name


    I am currently working here, but came to US on F1 Visa. I am still a student, but got H1B in general category through my current employer last year and have been working since then taking a leave from my college.

    My issue is, my School,Degree certificates and SSN have my name as Rose Josn, whereas my passport, I20, current stamped visa, and the new H1B have my name as John Rose. I noticed this only after receiving the H1B approval letter. Currently i am planning to go to India next month or so.
    1. do I need to go for a new visa stamping as i am still a student in the college(yet to complete my masters, registered for one credit also)?
    2. if i have to go for stamping, will the above mentioned name issue be a problem?
    3. What is the best solution to this issue?
    Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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