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H1 & L1 stamping

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  • H1 & L1 stamping

    1)Can any one tell me, whether we can have H1&L1 stamping at the same time?. I got my L1 stamping on Apr-2004 and exipres on apr-2005, i travelled to usa with this stamping also. I recently got H1 stamping valid till aug-2006, during my H1 stamping Consulate didnt cancel my L1 stamping.If i choose to travel with my L1 employer can i do that.
    2) How long i can stay in India after stamping.I got my first H1 stamping on 12-Jan-2005.I was in USA for 4yrs on L1 before this. I am planning to stay out of USA for 365 days so that i can get back full 6yrs.
    3)If i am out of USA 365 days, do i get back 6yrs automatically?

    Any help on this is really appreciated
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