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Premium vs Regular Processing

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  • Premium vs Regular Processing


    I have asked my employer to convert the already filed petition to premium one. I don't have a paystubs because i landed in US 15 days prior to my H1B/Visa expiry and also i could not manage to get an SSN. So i thought if an RFE comes in regular processing to provide paystubs i may not have one. Then i have asked my employer to convert it to premium processing. But they are saying chances of sending an RFE/rejection is more in premium processing compared to regular processing as they say in premium the scrutiny is more.

    I am on a project but no paystubs.

    Q: Is it true that premium processing invites more RFEs/rejections?


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    Only difference in the premium is that you will get the result within 15 days. You will get an RFE whether it is a premium or not if there are any important document missing. In case your regular extension petition gets denied, then you would have accumulated a lot of illegal stay since your I-94 would have expired long before. So in your case, it is advisable to go for premium.
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