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H1B and DMV

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  • H1B and DMV

    Hi gurus,

    I got my H1B extension approval papers from the USCIS on Sept. 21, 2010 and it is for the second term valid up to Sept.2013.

    The local DMV office has checked all my papers and based on that the North Carolina DMV has issued a temporary license twice, informing me that they are still awaiting background check.

    I am wondering what is this background check?
    Is the DMV awaiting any documents directly from the USCIS to their office?

    I would appreciate your inputs.

    Best regards.

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    Hi OP,

    Now the DMV offices across US have a program called - S.A.V.E (something for Systematic Alien Verification....) where they need to verify the status of all immigrants through USCIS.

    For eg) In colorado where I am staying ,main DMV office/headquarters have a seprarate counter for this and there they just verify the Original I-797 with the information in their system (which seems comes from USCIS only)...
    so once the information is in DMV system from USCIS and once they verify it -then they will issue you a DL.

    Meantime you can just find out which DMV office in your state handle this and contact them....

    Thanks and Regards,
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      Thank you very much for your crisp information.

      Probably the USA has super computers to verify real ALIENS much faster than human aliens!

      Cooler weekend!