Hi All - PLZZZ HELPP!! I’m facing a highly uncommon issue with CGI portal when I try to schedule my H1 appointment. The portal is not accepting my MRV receipt number, it doesn’t go to the next page after entering the receipt number.
Once I login to CGI portal and reach step 8 after hitting continue a couple times, I enter my MRV receipt number in the textbox next to my name at the bottom of the page, and hit continue. It doesn’t move forward to the next page, instead it refreshes at stays at the same page.
In the last 2 months I have reached to helpline 7 times, they believe it’s happening because my MRV receipt number is non-petition based and needs to be converted to petition based in order for me to book the appointment. Every time I call helpline they have me write an email to [email protected] requesting to convert the receipt from non-petition based to petition-based. I have written to them several times and their response every single time is “everything looks correct on our end, you should be able to go ahead and book the appointment”. I have tried to be creative with my emails by sending screenshots, video recording of the page not going forward, sending bank statement and payment confirmation but I’m tired and helpless at this point.
I’m not sure why is there a communication gap between the folks who answer the call, and the folks who resolve issues in response to my emails. I even spoke to the supervisor and he had me write a similar email, and said he’ll highlight the email to the team and add notes to the ticket but it hasn’t helped either.
Is anyone in the same boat as me? Any suggestions on how to get this issue escalated would be greatly appreciated!!