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221(g) yellow form during H1B Visa stamping

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  • True They havent updated the case status report either which usually gets updated by morning 10.00am.


    • Today's update from the Mumbai consulate had only 29 numbers on it - wish we knew what date these interviews took place!


      • exactly!!!..looks like all these cases are the Jan , Feb cases......we are the ones who are clueless nw..my ceac barcode num is AA0012xxxx...this list has jst 1 with such an extension.......


        • ochintvan - Jan6 - Mumbai 221g


          Yeh, one more in the same boat...

          Interview Date: 6-Jan
          Status: 221g Pending Admin Processing

          Intazaar kab tak hum karenge bhala.... !!


          • @ dec9221g - doesn't look like these case #s are in any order; mine begins with AA0013xxxx and my interview was on the 6th of Dec.


            • Mine too is AA0013xxxx and my VI was on 3rd Dec.


              • Even for me its AA0013 YYYY Interview on 30th Dec.

                Are we Dec guys forgotten by the consulate?? Do they look at 2010 cases differently then 2011?


                • I dnt know what to do now. Its almost 90 days. Totally irresposible from the part of DOS. I am trying to contact a lawyer as Razz did. But not so hopeful. I contacted the congressman and got the standard reply. Will keep trying and hope for the best.


                  • well my barcode is A000Z YYYY , the farthest of you all , there is only one such barcode in new list , and i do not understand how they can be still keeping my November case pending while clearing others!


                    • Temp Govt Shutdown

                      "U.S. Department of State: No Visa Applications
                      While the diplomatic and security aspects of the Department of State (DOS) operations would continue, visa applications would likely not be processed in the event of a shutdown. It is anticipated that the consulates will not be open for visa appointments and processing. Thus, depending upon the duration of such an event, individuals could be stranded abroad with no way of obtaining required travel documents. The same is true for the processing of U.S. passports. "
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                      • mine starts with AA0016 YYYY and interview on 18th Jan,2011. its still under process.


                        • Finally got the passport stamped...


                          I got my passport stamped today. Here are my details (for the new friends joining the thread)...

                          VI date: Dec 3, 2010 (barcode AA0013G***)
                          Issued 221g yellow form - No documents asked at the time of interview.
                          Received email from the Consulate: Feb 22 (waited 80 days)
                          CAEC barcode in the status pdf: Feb 22
                          Passport submitted: Feb 23
                          Visa issue date (on the stamp): Feb 28
                          Got the passport back with stamped visa: March 1

                          The Annotation part in the visa says: "Clearance received Feb 19"

                          For those still waiting, I can absolutely understand your pain...
                          Have faith in GREAT GOD and everyone of us will come out of this mess soon...Good luck to all you guys!!


                          • @ Razz - congrats!

                            @ ochintvan - this is not good news. Let's stay on top of this if needed; might be worth escalating to the MEA in India in case we are adversely affected by this shut down.


                            • @ochitvan.. it lloks like they are going to pass that bill this wednesday..so that shudnt b an issue.,.......

                              and for those who are waiting for more than 3 months ours are gone for name check and hence such a huge wait time..........we are so unlucky to enter in that group..........bt will hope for something to hapen soon......such cases minimum wait time is 3 months....


                              • Got the passport

                                Hi All,

                                Finally i got my passport with stamped visa after almost three months of waiting period.

                                Details are :

                                Interview date : 2nd Dec 2010
                                Got yellow letter, no docs asked.
                                Email received from consulate on : 25 Feb 2011
                                Passport submitted on : 27 Feb 2011
                                Passport received on : 2nd Mar 2011.

                                Good luck to all those who are still waiting.