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H1 Extn receipt notice.

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  • H1 Extn receipt notice.

    Does anyone know what happens when the received notice date on a receipt notice is later that the visa expiry date?

    My spouse's receipt notice shows 2 day delay, though my company believes they send the documentation well ahead in time.

    Would like to understand the implications....can someone advise?

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    Usually the receiot date is the date on which USCIS has received your application. If you have proof that the documents for extension reached USCIS before the I-94 expiry date (Like USPS priority mail receipt, FedEx receipt etc), then you can use that to file a MTR later if required or if there was an RFE.
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      Extension must be filed before the I-94 date. USCIS may ignore the 2 day different or if denied a good lawyer should be able to fight it.
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