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221g pink slip for H1B - Chennai Consulate

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    guys finally got my Visa today... got an email this morning from the VFS help line saying that they have received the passport and that I can collect my passport over the counter this evening else it will be mailed out to me...

    Visa interview date: Nov the 23rd, 2010 (day 326)
    Location: Chennai
    No questions asked by the VO
    Documents asked: W2s and Tax Returns
    The lady at the other counter asked about my previous employment and intl travels
    Got 221g admin processing (pink slip)
    visa issued: April the 5th, 2011 (day 95)

    Things that I did while waiting for the visa:
    1. Kept calling DOS every few weeks
    2. Sent emails to chennai SAO every few weeks
    3. Had a friend in US write to the congressman
    4. Had a lawyer friend in US send an email to legalnet

    though all of the above got me the same std reply "STILL UNDER PROCESS", it was just an exercise to keep up the motivation

    All the best to all of you who are still waiting! It shall come through soon!



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      Is it safe

      Congrats Idris! I'm very happy for you...Frustrating waitime is over for you!
      Is it ok to send an email to LegalNet by myself? When i contacted my company immi team they said it may create issues if we approach US consulate etc. Please advise what needs to be done?



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        nly immigration attorneys can write to legalnet email id. If you not an attorney, you wont get any response from them.

        This is an excerpt from the "acknowledgement of receipt" that you get when you write to legalnet;

        LegalNet is an email channel limited to immigration attorneys to inquire
        about the status of visa applications or request an advisory opinion on
        the denial of a visa. If you are not an immigration attorney inquiring
        about a case, we will not be able to reply further to your email, and
        this response will be the only reply you'll receive

        Your company's attorney can write on your behalf. I dont think writing to legalnet will impact your case.


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          Hi Mujeeb,

          Did you get your visa ... can you please give an update.


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            Thank you Idris! Hope you busy with US travel arrangements. We pray for your safe journey. Please remember us in your prayers.

            17 weeks still pending!!


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              4months still waiting

              Visa Interview : Dec 23/2010
              Type : H1B renewal
              Stuck : 221g pink slip - Chennai
              Been in US for more than 3 years, came for a vacation

              Common muslim name..

              Almost lost hopes, looking for a job in India now, as i doubt my US employer one day might kick me out.


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                Visa Issued

                Alhamdulillah! Finally i got my visa.

                Interview Date: Dec/07/2010
                Location: Chennai
                Common muslim name: Yes 'M*******'
                Documents: No docs asked
                Status: 221g pink issued
                Clearance received on: May 27th 2011
                Total number days: 186 days

                Thanks everyone for your support, hope rest of the cases would get processed soon...