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Best option to re-enter the US?

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  • Best option to re-enter the US?

    I’m currently on an H-1B (since 10/2020) and my employment was terminated a month ago. I left the US a couple days back and returned to my home country to continue interviewing from here.

    The market is just really rough and I’m not landing anything. I had one offer revoked when they found out about the H-1B. Super stressed because I really want to go back to the US ASAP (my partner is a student router login 192.168.l.l.link/ there on an F-1).

    My stamp is valid until 10/2024 but I know I can’t re enter until I have an approved transfer and the notice in hand.

    Is there any way I can get a visitor visa to go there and stay a couple months while I interview, then change status back to H-1B?

    Or is there any other option?

    Thank you!​
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